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An Evening of Recognition at the Laity Dinner: Honoring George Grossomanides

laity dinner award ceremony at gillette stadium

The Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in Norwich, CT, celebrated a proud moment yesterday at the Laity Dinner, hosted by the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Boston. Our very own George Grossomanides was honored for his unwavering dedication and contribution to the community.

A Night to Remember

The Laity Dinner was a vibrant occasion, filled with joy, unity, and deep respect for the tireless individuals who dedicate their time and effort towards our community. One such individual is George Grossomanides. His contributions to our church community and the broader Greek Orthodox community in New England are immeasurable.

laity dinner awards metropolis of boston

Honoring George Grossomanides

George’s receipt of the prestigious award was a testament to his commitment and service. His passion and dedication towards the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church, Norwich, CT, and his efforts in creating a harmonious community are truly inspirational. The images captured during his award acceptance radiate his humble dedication and our community’s immense pride.

The Holy Trinity Parish Table

The evening was filled with warm conversations, shared stories, and a sense of unity at our parish dinner table. The camaraderie among our church members, enhanced by the beautiful setting of the Laity dinner, painted a heartwarming picture of our strong and vibrant community.

George Grossomanides at Gillette Stadium holding his Laity Award from the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Boston

Continuing the Legacy

As we celebrate George Grossomanides and his accomplishments, we’re also reminded of our shared mission. Our focus remains on fostering a loving, supportive community that carries forward the values of the Greek Orthodox faith. Events like the Laity Dinner provide an opportunity to recognize those among us who truly embody these principles.

The Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church, Norwich, CT, continues its journey, proud of its members like George and inspired by their dedication. We extend our warmest congratulations to George Grossomanides and look forward to many more such celebrations of our community’s strength and unity.

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