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The Norwich Orthodox Community is a testament to the strength and perseverance of the Greek immigrants who arrived in America during the late 19th century. With high hopes and dreams of health, wealth, and happiness, these immigrants laid the foundation for what has become a thriving, tight-knit community.

The Early Days of Norwich Orthodox Community

In the 1890s, Greek immigrants began arriving in Norwich, an area well-known for its textile manufacturing industry. The New England states, particularly Norwich, offered job opportunities that attracted these newcomers.

Growth of the Greek Community in Norwich

As more Greek immigrants settled in Norwich, they established roots and began building their lives. The Greek community soon saw growth in their population, leading to the establishment of various businesses, which in turn contributed to the local economy.

Establishing Businesses in Norwich

The First Greek Businesses

The entrepreneurial spirit of the Greek community led many immigrants to start their own businesses, such as restaurants, candy kitchens, bakeries, and soda shops. These establishments not only provided jobs for the growing Greek population but also added to the diverse culture of Norwich.

The Role of Greek Entrepreneurs in Norwich’s Economy

Greek businesses played a significant role in Norwich’s economy, providing essential goods and services to the local population. These businesses also fostered a sense of pride and identity within the Greek community, which continued to grow and prosper.

The Need for a Greek Orthodox Church

The First Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church

As the Greek community expanded, so did the need for a place of worship. The first Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church was established in the former Buckingham Chapel at 140 Boswell Avenue in Norwich. This church served as a spiritual home for the growing Greek community, offering a place for both worship and social connection.

Outgrowing the Boswell Avenue Church

As the years passed, the Greek community outgrew the Boswell Avenue location. The parishioners recognized the need for a larger church to accommodate the increasing number of worshippers.

Building a New Church

Establishing the Building Committee

The parishioners formed a building committee to oversee the process of constructing a new church. This committee was responsible for fundraising, purchasing land, and managing the construction of the new Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church.

Fundraising for the New Church

The building committee and the Greek community embarked on a fundraising campaign to support the construction of the new church. Through various events and generous donations, the funds were raised, and the dream of a new church began to take shape.

Construction of the Washington Street Church

The building committee purchased land at 247 Washington Street, just a few miles away from the Boswell Avenue church. Construction began, and with the hard work of dedicated parishioners and volunteers, the new Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church came to life.


Archbishop Iakovos’ Dedication

On April 7, 1974, a momentous occasion took place for the Norwich Orthodox Community. Archbishop Iakovos dedicated and opened the doors of the new church, marking the beginning of a new era for the community and its worshipers.

A New Era for the Norwich Orthodox Community

The dedication of the new church signaled the start of a new chapter for the Norwich Orthodox Community. The larger, modern facility allowed for the continued growth of the Greek community and provided a welcoming environment for worship, fellowship, and community-building.


The Norwich Orthodox Community has a rich history that demonstrates the resilience and determination of the Greek immigrants who founded it. From their arrival in Norwich to the establishment of businesses and the construction of the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church, the community has grown and thrived. Today, the Norwich Orthodox Community remains a beacon of faith and tradition, keeping the spirit of the Greek immigrants alive for future generations.


  1. When was the Norwich Orthodox Community founded?
    The community was founded in the 1890s by Greek immigrants coming to America in search of a better life.
  2. Why did the Greek immigrants choose Norwich?
    Norwich was a large textile manufacturing area in the New England states, providing job opportunities for the Greek immigrants.
  3. What types of businesses did the Greek immigrants establish in Norwich?
    Greek immigrants started various businesses, including restaurants, candy kitchens, bakeries, and soda shops.
  4. Why was there a need for a new Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church?
    As the Greek community grew, the Boswell Avenue church could no longer accommodate the increasing number of worshippers. A new, larger church was needed to serve the expanding community.
  5. When was the new Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church dedicated?
    Archbishop Iakovos dedicated the new church on April 7, 1974, marking a new era for the Norwich Orthodox Community.

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