The Parish Council is a group of elected members who are responsible for the administration and management of the church’s affairs. They work closely with the priest to ensure that the church’s mission is fulfilled and that the spiritual and material needs of the community are met. The council members serve as liaisons between the congregation and the church leadership, and they make important decisions regarding the church’s finances, property, and programs. Each member of the Parish Council brings unique skills and experiences that contribute to the council’s effectiveness. Together, they work towards building a stronger, more vibrant community of faith.

Parish Council Members

President: George Efthimiou
Vice President: George Grossomanides
Secretary: Peter Patsouris
Treasurer: Maria Valkanos
Assistant Treasurer: John Grossomanides
Robert Anders
Anthony Neigel
George Provatas
Matt Gale
Kimon Dafoulas
Charles Christodlous
John Diamantakos