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At Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church, we are a community that values active participation in worship, fellowship, service, and education. We have a diverse range of ministries designed to engage and serve all age groups, from our youngest members to our most seasoned. We welcome you to come and be part of our family, and to explore the many opportunities for involvement that our ministries offer.

Our Adult Ministries

Our adult ministries are designed to foster spiritual growth, provide opportunities for fellowship, and engage in service to our community. We believe that active participation in these ministries is a vital part of the life of the church. Here are some of the adult ministries we offer:

Parish Council: Our Parish Council is responsible for the overall administration of the parish, working to ensure the smooth functioning of all aspects of church life.

Philoptochos (Lovers of the Poor): Our Philoptochos ministry is dedicated to serving those in need, both within our community and beyond. Members work to provide material and financial assistance to those who are struggling.

St. Nicholas Ministry: Our St. Nicholas Ministry is a ministry of love and compassion, providing support to those who are sick, suffering, or in need of pastoral care.

St. Basil the Great Hardship Fund: Our St. Basil the Great Hardship Fund provides financial assistance to members of our community who are experiencing financial hardship.

Bible Studies: Our Bible Study groups provide opportunities for in-depth study and discussion of the Scriptures, helping participants grow in their knowledge and understanding of the Word of God.

Inquirers (Catechetical Studies): Our Inquirers ministry is designed to introduce people to the Orthodox faith and to help them deepen their understanding of the teachings and traditions of our church.

Garden Ministries: Our Garden Ministries work to maintain the beautiful gardens and grounds of our church, creating a welcoming and peaceful environment for worship and fellowship.

Church and Grounds Beautification: Our Church and Grounds Beautification ministry is responsible for the ongoing maintenance and upkeep of our church building and grounds, ensuring that everything is clean, well-maintained, and functional.

Church Maintenance: Our Church Maintenance ministry provides ongoing maintenance and repairs to our church building and facilities, ensuring that everything is in good working order.

Young Adult Dinners (18-35): Our Young Adult Dinners are a time for fellowship and community-building among our young adult members. These gatherings provide opportunities for socializing, discussion, and mutual support.

Our Youth Ministries

Our youth ministries are designed to provide opportunities for spiritual growth, socializing, and fun for children and teens of all ages. We believe that engaging our young people in the life of the church is essential to their spiritual development and growth. Here are some of the youth ministries we offer:

GOYA (Greek Orthodox Youth of America): Our GOYA group is for middle and high school students ages 13-18, providing opportunities for fellowship, service, and spiritual growth.

JOY (Junior Orthodox Youth): Joy serves children between the ages of 8-12. JOY seeks to help children understand their faith through age-appropriate religious education, fun activities, and service opportunities.

HOPE (Hellenic Orthodox Primary Education): Hope serves children between the ages of 5-7. HOPE provides young children with an introduction to their Orthodox faith through interactive lessons, games, and crafts.

Sunday School: A ministry that provides religious education to children and youth of all ages. Through Sunday School, students learn about their faith, the lives of the saints, and the importance of prayer and worship.

The St. John Chrysostom Oratorical Festival: An annual event that provides an opportunity for students in grades 7-12 to showcase their public speaking skills and knowledge of the Orthodox faith. Participants prepare speeches on assigned topics related to their faith and present them before judges and an audience. The festival is named after St. John Chrysostom, a prominent saint and theologian of the early Church.

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