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The Revival of Our Kitchen: Bringing Community Together Through Food

The Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox church in Norwich, CT, is abuzz as the kitchen is back in full swing after years of disrepair. We’ve long awaited this moment, and the first day our stewards used the kitchen to bake Koulourakia was a significant success. It’s not only a win for our church community but also for the larger Norwich community. 

For years, our kitchen appliances and hood needed to be fixed or replaced, and our church members had to go off-site to cook. But now, after many fundraisers and generous donations, the kitchen is once again functional, and it couldn’t come at a better time. As you can see in the photo, we’ve been eager to get back to our tradition of baking Koulourakia, and we were thrilled to finally have the opportunity.

The sweet smell of butter and sugar wafted through the kitchen, as the they mixed and rolled the dough, sharing stories and memories. The Koulourakia turned out wonderfully, and almost half of the batch was already sold. This yearly tradition, arguably since 1908, has finally returned for us, and it’s all thanks to the hard work of the parish council members and the generosity of our stewards, and donors.

The importance of having a functioning kitchen cannot be overstated. It’s a place where our members can come together, share food, and build community. It’s a space where cooking skills can be learned and shared, and traditions passed down. The kitchen is not just for the church community but also for the larger Norwich community.  Hopefully soon, when the other renovations in the hall are completed, we’ll be able to host events and dinners that are open to the public, and having a functioning kitchen will only enhance these experiences.

Furthermore, the kitchen is a vital component of the yearly Greek Festival, which we all look forward to bringing back. As most of us know, our festival featured a variety of delicious foods, including the famous Gyro, Spanakopita, Koulourakia, and Moussaka, to name a few. With the kitchen back in full swing, the church can prepare all the festival favorites and ensure they are fresh and hot for this next debut!

In addition to the Koulourakia, we could use the kitchen for other events, including cooking classes, workshops, and culinary demonstrations. The possibilities are endless, and the kitchen’s full restoration opens up many new opportunities for the church and the community.

Our functioning kitchen is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the parish council members and the generosity of the community. The return of the kitchen is just the beginning, and the future looks bright for the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church!

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